Basic Modules



The basic module section is used over the following objects;

  • Requirement and Requirement Items
  • Projects
  • Tasks

It is broken down into the following sections;

  • Groups and Users
  • Documents
  • Linked objects
  • Customers
  • Bugs
  • Misc
  • Notes

Group and Users

This module will allow you to add/remove groups and users to the particular object. Please note you will need to have a permission base of Edit or higher.


Users are limited to the groups also assinged to the objects. A user will not have any access to this object, if any of their groups are not included.


This module will allow you to upload and view other documents. You will also be able to post links and create folders.

Linked objects

An object can be linked to other different objects. For example a Project can be linked to multiple tasks. These links are two-ways, and thus should appear in the other object as linked.


This module defines which customers are linked to these objects.


This module stores any bugs (stored in external applications like bugzilla).


Currently misc stores any tags associated with this particular object.


Write up any notes for the objects