Tasks are the smallest unit of work. They are usually assigned directly to projects or are stand alone objects. For example, you can have a task that supports a project, or a task that is not connected to any other object.

Create New Task

  1. Click on the New Object in the menu, and select the New Task option

  2. The New Task page will load

  3. Add in a task short description - this should be short and descriptive. This piece of information will be viewable from the dashboard and any searches.

  4. Add in a detailed task long description. This can contain as much information as required by your team (up to 100,000 characters).

  5. Search for the organisation that is associated with this task. If they are not in the list, you can start typing out their name. The search functionality will start working 2 seconds AFTER you have stopped typing. For best results, you could partially type out the name.

  6. Define the task’s start and finish date. Both these fields can be set into the future, or backdated if needed.

  7. By default NearBeach will include your associated groups. Remove any of these groups if they are not needed. Type in the group name in the search bar to find them.


If you have not added a group that you are in to the task, you might lose access to the task. This is a security FEATURE.

  1. Click on the Create New Task button. You will automatically be taken to the task information page.

Search for Task

You can either search for a task using the search bar at the top right of the page. Alternatively you can use the search all functionality, but click on the menu Find Objects then selecting List all.

A new page will be shown with all the results of that search. You can use the search bar at the top of this page to filter down.

Edit a task

You can edit a task by click on any Project card on the dashboard, or by searching.

Closing a task


Only users with a “Edit” functionality can close a task.

You can easily close a task by either

  • Change the task status to closed then save
  • Click on the Close task button

Please note - there is not an easy way to reopen a task once closed. Your system administrator will have to do this for you.