Simple Development Environment


DO NOT use this method for ANY UAT/DEV/PROD environments that are NOT on your local. The file contains a secret_key that is published.


DO NOT edit the file - as changes can be pushed to a public github.


If you would like any help setting up these environments, why not join our discord -

NearBeach currently supports the following Django versions;

  • Django Version 3.2+

More information about upgrading Django can be found found in the Django Documentation


We are assuming you have pip3 installed on your local system. If not, please follow these instructions:


We are assuming you have installed Python 3.7+ on your local development system. If not, please follow these instructions:

Download Git Repository

  1. In a terminal, navigate to your project development folder
cd /<<project-dev-folder>>
  1. Use Git to download NearBeach source code
git clone
cd ./NearBeach
  1. Once pip is upgraded, you will need to create a virtual environment
sudo pip3 install virtualenv
  1. Create your own virtual environment for python
virtualenv <<project_environment>>

This will create a directory called “<<project_environment>>”, this will store NearBeach’s libraries for python

  1. Activate the virtual environment using the following command
source ./<<project_environment>>/bin/activate

You terminal prompt will change to indicate that it is working in the virtual environment now. It should look like the following

  1. Install All requirements
pip install requirements-dev.txt
  1. Create the database
python3 migrate
  1. Create a superuser, by running the following command and filling out the fields appropriately
python3 createsuperuser
  1. Run the webserver
python3 runserver
  1. To access NearBeach, open up your browser and go to http://localhost:8000 or alternatively


  1. To install all NPM packages, please run the following code
npm install
  1. Once npm has finished installing, you can compile the code using the following;
npm run prod
  1. Alternatively, you can run a watch
npm run watch