Update Python Libraries

NearBeach’s python libraries will need to be updated for security and performance.


Please try the updates on a non-production environment first. We can not stop 3rd party libraries from breaking your server environment.


  1. You will need to be in your virtual environment
source <<virtualenv_location>>/bin/activate
  1. Find out which libraries need to be updated
pip list --outdated

Take note which packages need to be updated.

  1. Use the following command to update the packages
pip install --upgrade <<package_name>>

Run this for ALL packages, please note you can string the packages into one command.

pip install --upgrade django pillow
  1. Restart gunicorn and nginx
sudo service gunicorn restart
sudo service nginx restart


Do not use the above method to update NearBeach. Please follow the instructions located in chapter “Update Or Patch NearBeach”