First Time Setup for NearBeach


For first time login - log into NearBeach normally, NOT through the administration portal

First Login

  1. Use the login page to log into NearBeach

2. The NearBeach dashboard will load - the administration permissions and groups will be applied to this user and only this user.

Complete your profile

The code python3 ./ createsuperuser does not gather all the information required to create a superuser, i.e. First and Last name. You will need to update this data yourself.

Under the β€œUser” option in the navbar, click on the option β€œMy Profile”. This will take you to your profile. Edit your profile appropriately.

Setup User Infrastructure


Users will need to be connected to both a Group and Permission set before being able to log in.

Best method of setting NearBeach up for new users is to;

  1. Create the required permission sets - please see Managing Permissions Sets.

  2. Create the required groups - please see Managing Groups.

  3. Finally create the new users and assign them the correct permission sets and groups. Please see Managing Users