Managing Permissions Sets

Setup of Permission Sets


Permission Sets in NearBeach give you the ability to classify how much access a particular user can have to certain objecst, i.e. Projects and Tasks. The permission sets can be stacked on top of each other.

Users can also have different permissions between each group. For example, a user might have basic user access to group_A, however only have read only access to group_B.

  1. Log into NearBeach as an administrator

  2. Choose the “Administration” option in the menu and select the “Permission Sets”

  3. The “Permission Set List” page will load

  4. Click the “Create a new Permission Set” to start creating a new permission list


There are 4 different levels of permissions;

  • ‘No Permission’ - the user will not have any permissions

  • ‘Read Only’ - the user will only have read only access

  • ‘Edit Only’ - user will be able to edit already existing objects, i.e. Projects

  • ‘Add and Edit’ - user will be able to create objects, i.e. New Projects

  • ‘Full Permission’ - users will be able to do the above permissions and delete objects.


The permissions are broken up into three sections;

  • ‘Administration Permissions’ - This contains any administration permissions. It is not recommended granting these to any basic users.

  • ‘Normal Permissions’ - Are used to determine a user’s permission to objects and different modules within said objects.

  • ‘Addon Permissions’ - These are extra permissions designed for read only users.